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Book 1 | KANE

He is a highly trained ex-special operative who has built a billion-dollar security business with his combat brothers. She's an annoying, overly inquisitive part owner of a women’s shelter.

Their worlds collide when Kane saves her from an overzealous ex-boyfriend. But how does she repay him? By keeping silent while the media destroys his image for fighting again.

The solution to both of their problems: to pretend they're dating.

But Kane wants more. When he finally gets her to give in to temptation, the sparks they've been dancing around engulf them. But will Kane be able to tear down her walls so she stays with him forever?

Sarah believes in romance, but just not for her. After agreeing to the plan to save both of their business’ reputations, Sarah finds spending time alone with the insufferable Kane has her questioning all she thought she knew.

For the first time in her life, she is wondering if love has found her.
But is this all part of a plan? Or will he run as soon as the deal is closed.


Book 2 | LUKE

Years of combat has created a darkness in Luke. His combat brothers, and now business partners, look over him, but Luke knows he is too broken to show anyone his true self.


Too broken for love, until he meets Eve.

Eve is a curvy woman who recently moved to town after leaving an abusive relationship. When a fire destroys her apartment, Eve moves the Braxton Brothers sprawling ranch to recover.

Here she finds Luke, who evades her every time she makes a move.
Eve won’t let the past dictate her future. She only hopes Luke will do the same.

This second book of the Braxton Brothers series explores themes of healing from past traumas and finding love unexpectedly.


Book 3 | JACKSON

Is love worth a second chance or is it better the second time around?

Maya is back, and she is everywhere. Jackson was a fool to walk away a decade ago, but now he’s back in town, and he wants back in her heart (and bed). But will she be the one that got away?

Jackson destroyed me. He made me feel special, loved, wanted. And then he left without a word. And why is he even more wickedly handsome a decade later?


But should he pay for his mistakes, or should Maya give in to her heart (and body) and make him hers again.

A second chance instalove, with an alpha male who would do anything to win back his woman again.

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